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our mission

Our mission is to empower people living in the Amazon rainforest to preserve their lands and culture and support them, to identify their unique needs in their development. To encourage them to start weaving again...

Weaving Dreams into existence! 

Until recently, most discussions of urban development related solely to the quality of the built environment. Nowadays, planners and politicians are becoming aware of the need for an environment with added value.


Understanding the connection between nature and our social and physical well-being has become crucial for cities that promote sustainable quality of life.

Thus, nature is the focal point of all that Q'YAY develops, designs or thinks, it is the means by which we solve some of the most difficult urban challenges of the present, adding a new social and cultural meaning to cities and Communities of the region of San Martin, Peru.

Our Vision

In a circular economy, the intention is to produce no waste or pollution. Instead, products, parts and materials are used, cared for, repaired, reused and recycled as much as possible. This requires new and innovative business models. In our circular economy miniseries, we’ll address five ways to apply the circular economy in your business and how LCA can contribute. Today: circular supplies.

5 Roads To A Circular Economy


Circular Supplies

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